I am really novice about internet marketing but yet out of passion to have an income, I joined and get started, it all went well at the start but I just got so disappointed after I found out that I am not making any sales at all on all the product i sell online. I get? yes! but so minimal! I have a great product but it doesn’t make any sense at all! Why am I not generating enough sales! 

Then I just got into this website that explains about spyware and it’s very harmful effects!

These programs hide in the background of their victims computer and whenever they go to a sales page for a product, the spyware changes the affiliate ID from yours to the spyware creator’s. More simply put: you’re making sells, but someone else is STEALING your commissions. Of course this isn’t ALWAYS happening, but if you’re conversions are much lower than you would expect – this is a good possibility.
wow!! it’s really alarming! so you might want to prevent this thing from happening…we’ll it did help me a lot so I am recommending this product to all of you who wants to be protected! 
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